For your upcoming Tardis Day celebrating...

On November 23, 1963 the BBC first aired Dr. Who and the Doctor has been traveling through time ever since. To celebrate, here is a Tardis blue drink sure to please the palate. Plan now for this truly awesome day of the year.


To make the Sonic Screwdriver, you need the following ingredients:

Mandarin orange vodka


Blue Caraçao

Squeeze of lemon

Shake over ice and strain into your favorite chilled glass for a fantastic Tardis day celebration.

A true James Bond Vesper. Mostly.

The Vesper cocktail first appeared in Ian Fleming's novel Casino Royale (1953) when James Bond asked, specifically, for the ingredients. Since then, Lillet has been hard to come by, fortunately I've cracked the code. Watch, then drink, but know this is all alcohol so pace yourselves.




Cocchi Americano

Lemon peel


Small brown dog (neither shaken, nor stirred)

Rio Sludge Dive

Behold the majesty of a cocktail so green and minty that it rivals the dive pool at this year's Rio Summer Games. 


And now the recipe and directions, should you decide to dive in:

Throw into your shaker

5-6 mint leaves 

Spoon or so of sugar

Squeeze half a lime


Add ice

3 oz of Cachaca

Vigorously shake

Using a spoon, drizzle Green Creme de Menthe down the inside of martini glass


Sriracha Baboon Anus

Last week on The Daily Show, we learned we had two choices in this year's election: Vanilla Yogurt and Sriracha Baboon Anus. Therefore, I created a cocktail that I felt embodied the spirit of the season.

I present to you, Sriracha Baboon Anus.


1 oz Reposado Tequila - Milagro Tequila suggested
1 oz Banana Liqueur - Draper’s Banana suggested
½ oz Triple Sec
Wash the glass with Mezcal - Mezcal Sacrificio suggested
4 slices of Cucumber
¼ of a lime
Sriracha Chilli Powder Simple Syrup *

First you muddle cucumber. But because it's for Trump, I use the mini cucumbers.

Make a simple syrup using Sriracha and chili powder. I added a spoonful to the tiny
cucumbers! Squeeze a quarter lime wedge in and put that into the bottom of a shaker!

Add ice.

Since there's not a wall yet, use a shot of tequila.

Because of baboon, procure banana liquor.

Then half a shot of triple sec.

Swish the glass with mescal... Because of those Mexicans.

Vigorously shake, and pour into your glass.

This drink a little sweet and spicy, and really you don't want more than one. Much like a Trump presidency,

I'm not sure I'll finish it. Wait, who am I kidding?

*How to make the simple syrup: Start with 2 oz of water and bring to boil. Add 2 oz of sugar. Then add three squeezes of Sriracha and a couple of shakes of Chili powder. (To taste)