Sriracha Baboon Anus

Last week on The Daily Show, we learned we had two choices in this year's election: Vanilla Yogurt and Sriracha Baboon Anus. Therefore, I created a cocktail that I felt embodied the spirit of the season.

I present to you, Sriracha Baboon Anus.


1 oz Reposado Tequila - Milagro Tequila suggested
1 oz Banana Liqueur - Draper’s Banana suggested
½ oz Triple Sec
Wash the glass with Mezcal - Mezcal Sacrificio suggested
4 slices of Cucumber
¼ of a lime
Sriracha Chilli Powder Simple Syrup *

First you muddle cucumber. But because it's for Trump, I use the mini cucumbers.

Make a simple syrup using Sriracha and chili powder. I added a spoonful to the tiny
cucumbers! Squeeze a quarter lime wedge in and put that into the bottom of a shaker!

Add ice.

Since there's not a wall yet, use a shot of tequila.

Because of baboon, procure banana liquor.

Then half a shot of triple sec.

Swish the glass with mescal... Because of those Mexicans.

Vigorously shake, and pour into your glass.

This drink a little sweet and spicy, and really you don't want more than one. Much like a Trump presidency,

I'm not sure I'll finish it. Wait, who am I kidding?

*How to make the simple syrup: Start with 2 oz of water and bring to boil. Add 2 oz of sugar. Then add three squeezes of Sriracha and a couple of shakes of Chili powder. (To taste)