The Drunken Tenor: Live (virtually) at the 2020 GeekWire Awards

Need custom digital content for your event until we can gather again? The Drunken Tenor is your guy. Check out the content created for GeekWire. Also available for live events when they’re possible.

With far more confidence than technical skill, McPherson’s tipsy persona strives to find the humor in shared experiences of social distancing by poking fun at the pitfalls of virtual meeting spaces. Can he use technology to connect? Can he effectively create a program to uplift and inspire? Will he remember how to turn on his camera or mute his microphone when flushing? Check out more videos here and booking info to bring The Drunken Tenor to your event (virtual or live).

If you kicked back at home and enjoyed the Awards happy-hour style, perhaps you tried to sing along with The Drunken Tenor. With thanks to Seattle Opera, Robert McPherson offered up a combination of opera and comedy that was just the mix we needed.