A little bit scary, a little bit bit merry come join The Drunken Tenor for his first ever Halloween Spooktacular at Solo Bar on October 31. Whether you like your chills to come from horror or sublime music, we got you covered. Located in Queen Ann’s bottom, this show has it all. Lights, psychos, Furries, screaming babies in Mozart wigs, sunburned drifters wearing moon boots and if you really like to get crazy, you’ll find a giant HeMan figure with a stigmata that bleeds gravy.


What happens when the world’s most irresponsible tenor performs the world’s most beautiful music?
Will he show up on time? Will he know his music? Will the soprano strangle him?

Described as “Jack Black meets Pavarotti,” join Metropolitan Opera tenor Robert McPherson as he brings low comedy to new heights!

“So good! *sip* So good!”

— Christie Cabrera, Facebook

Facebook Fans Agree…

“Seattle Opera BRAVO! Club is proud to have not only hosted the Drunken Tenor’s first appearance, but also his first full-length show. We didn’t know what to expect the first time the Drunken Tenor staggered in to perform—at a meadery of all places—but from his first aria to his final swig, the only thing we were doing besides laughing was agreeing to have him back. The Drunken Tenor has now performed for the Seattle Opera BRAVO! Club three times and can’t wait for a fourth. It’s a mix of opera, standup comedy, and a great performance that appeals to both opera newbies and long-time fans alike. After the last show one of our members said, “I’ve never seen standup opera before,” and the Drunken Tenor answered, “Neither had I, but I thought it should exist,” and we couldn’t agree more.”

Seattle Opera BRAVO! Club says…