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“Robert McPherson, who’s preparing an online concert for Seattle Opera adds, ‘When you feel like you have something to say, even at times when it’s challenging, there’s still this thing that burns inside of you. There’s still something you have to say so that’s why I have felt this need to continue and soldier on in spite of everything going on. Or sometimes maybe because of it.'”
Heather Bosch,, June 10, 2020, Seattle arts learning to adjust in the age of the pandemic

“On stage, the tenor Robert McPherson leads a double life. In non-pandemic times, he has a busy international career in opera, with recent engagements including the Metropolitan Opera, Israeli Opera and the English National Opera. But he has another persona, one that’s been emerging more often during these stay-at-home days: The Drunken Tenor, who wears a tuxedo T-shirt and zestfully imbibes while performing — the better to find the courage to hit those high notes.”
Moira McDonald, Seattle Times, June 9, 2020, A mix of opera and sketch comedy: Meet The Drunken Tenor

The Drunken Tenor teams up with Seattle Opera for tongue-in-cheek performance- OperaWire

Seattle Opera Presents THE DRUNKEN TENOR: QUARANTINI EDITION- Broadway World

“Decades have passed since he performed his first solo, but McPherson’s passion for music is as strong as it ever was. Instead of traditional gospel tunes, he’s an accomplished operatic tenor. And even though coronavirus has shuttered performance venues across the country, McPherson is still singing for his public, online.”
Marcie Sillman, KUOW, March 30, 2020

“His original production, The Drunken Tenor, has received much praise from critics and Seattle locals alike. This past fall, his production earned him the “Best of Fringe” Award at the Seattle Fringe Festival. Since that time, The Drunken Tenor has expanded into his own YouTube channel and Twitter account, much to the delight of his fans.”
Emily Cox, “The Drunken Tenor” with Robert McPherson, OpusAtlas

“McPherson is genuinely charming and impressive in his performance as a loveably inebriated opera singer and his show is unlike anything I’ve seen.”
Paris Nguyen, Adventures in Bumbershooting, Spark Public, KCTS9

“Robert McPherson is an operatic tenor who has sung everything from Rossini to Bel Canto and beyond. Currently preparing his comic opera show, The Drunken Tenor — one part stand-up comedy, one part sketch comedy, and one part vaudeville — for the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle.”
Carolyn Forte, Reboot your rep with Robert McPherson, Modern Singer Magazine

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